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Feedback 2016

"My fiancé and I aren’t normally very creative. Thankfully Kathy had several folders worth of sample invites for us to go through and choose what styles we liked to get us started. Through a process of elimination we narrowed them down and finalised the style, colours and materials we liked. We surprised ourselves by coming up with some of our own ideas for the design and even proposed a new style which incorporated a photo of our wedding venue. Kathy was very accommodating and was excited to work with our ideas. Now that we have received our invitations we absolutely love them. We love that they are bespoke to us and that they we have been so involved in the design process. We have had amazing comments from our friends and family who have received their invitations already. They have all said that they have never seen wedding invitations like them, and that they’re really stunning and unique. We really enjoyed exploring our hidden creativity!

Kathy has been fantastic. She is so positive and bubbly even when meeting with us on a Saturday and Sunday morning! She is extremely thorough and went above and beyond to make sure we were entirely happy with the final product. She was very patient and in tune with our tastes and ideas. Communication was excellent. Kathy emailed regularly to keep us posted on progress and what would be required in terms of timescales. I felt that Kathy genuinely cared about us as people and we were not just another customer. She made us feel very special, and that she was committed to delighting us with her work.

Cherish stationery is of excellent quality. The service is exceptional. A lot of care and attention to detail goes into Kathy’s work. The final result is something that is bespoke to the individual and something to be proud of. We are looking forward to the next step of table planning etc in the new year!!"

Cheryl Arthurs & Norman MacPhail, November 2016


"We discovered Cherish via word of mouth and ordered our Day and Evening Invitations, RSVPS, Menu Selectors, Orders of Service, Menus and Place cards which gave us a sense of occasion and anticipation. Now that we have received our invitations we love them and are very excited to send them out. Creating invitations that were unique to us was the most enjoyable part and the fact that Cherish offers a bespoke service means that you get something which is unique to you. We are now looking forward to the designing of our on the day stationery."

Monica and Alison, November 2016

Leighton Buzzard

"We first met Kathy at a Wedding Show at Loch Lomond in August 2015 and ordered our day and evening invitations, RSVPS and Menu Selectors. We had great fun looking through all of the sample books for ideas and it was a great experience. Now that we have our stationery, we absolutely LOVE it and now can’t wait to show everyone!! It was really enjoyable looking at all of the different options available and although our burgundy colour was a challenge to match with, we did it! Our experience of Kathy and Cherish has been amazing as she has been very helpful with every little detail. We cannot recommend Cherish highly enough as everything has just been PERFECT."

Samantha Barrass & Gary McInnes, October 2016


"It was very easy choosing our Stationery as we had seen samples of Cherish’s work at a Wedding Fair and it was this that gave us the idea of what we wanted. We have now received our Stationery and it is amazing – just what we were looking for. We have thoroughly enjoyed choosing our stationery and it has been great having discussions about it as working with Kathy has been really good as she is very accommodating and there is such variety to what is possible. We now can’t wait to see our Table Plan!! "

Julie Watson, September 2016


"It was really easy choosing my Wedding Invitations as Kathy had what I was looking for. When I opened the boxes with the finished stationery in them, I was totally blown away, and speechless, as they were more than perfect. I have enjoyed everything about choosing my stationery as Kathy was very patient and helped a lot and our experience of Cherish and Kathy has been amazing as she helped with lots of ideas and she is amazing to work with as she takes a lot of time to get what you want and puts in a lot of effort to making your stationery just perfect. We can’t thank you enough."

Ashley Hutton and Mark McAvoy, June 2016


"Choosing our stationery has been a very pleasurable experience as it was easy, and we were offered advice and guided as needed. Now that we have received our stationery, it is amazing and very professionally finished. Picking out the colours and textures and materials has been most enjoyable and with so much choice, it was hard to decide! Working with Kathy and Cherish has been easy, enjoyable and pleasurable – Kathy always ensures that you are happy with your stationery."

Karen Adam and Michael Hutcheson, June 2016



 "Just to let you know our save the dates have arrived safe and sound!! We are completely and utterly over the moon and delighted! They are absolutely amazing and everything we wanted and more! Thank you so so much for all of your hard work and beautiful packaging! We have both been blown away! Can't wait to meet up with invitation ideas and are so excited for our guests to get our save the dates this weekend! "

Fiona Kirk and John Garlick, May 2016


"Choosing stationery was very exciting and interesting and now that day and evening invitations are with us they are just lovely and just as chosen. (We will also be having personalised place cards and a Table Plan made too) Perhaps the most enjoyable part so far has been sitting discussing options (and trying out ideas with materials). Kathy is very chatty and interested in the whole process and is very encouraging too. The service received from Kathy and Cherish has been a personalised service carried out in an easy going, non pushy manner."

Catherine Gould (mum of the bride), May 2016


"After meeting Kathy at Duck Bay Wedding Fair, we have found choosing our stationery to be relaxed, friendly and informal. There was plenty of choice and good, knowledgeable advice was given. Cherish has a really wide range of choice available and there is lots of creativity displayed. Now that we have received our Wedding Invitations for our day and evening guests, and our RSVPS, we are absolutely over the moon. The face to face meetings and the friendly correspondence have been most enjoyable and working with Kathy and Cherish has been an absolute pleasure – I have recommended the service to others at work. "

James Towers & Ashleigh McKay, April 2016


"Cherish was recommended to me by a friend and it has been a great experience as Kathy was so helpful,offering ideas and showing me examples. Our stationery (day and evening invitations and rsvps) is just stunning!! I have really enjoyed talking through options and discussing ideas and my experience of Cherish and Kathy has been just wonderful. Kathy and Cherish are professional, and offer a friendly, high quality service from beginning to end. I wish we had known at the outset that Kathy would take all the stress out of choosing our invites and make it an enjoyable experience"

Susie Quinn, April 2016



 "Choosing our stationery has been fun, exciting and interesting as we have shared lots of ideas and anything we wanted will be catered for! Now that we have received our Invitations I love them – even more than I had hoped for!! The most enjoyable part of choosing our stationery was seeing the ideas come together and seeing samples of ideas and seeing how things could come together. Our experience of Kathy and Cherish has been great as Kathy is helpful, organised, listens so well to what we have said whilst also helping us with ideas. It is also a friendly service with your every wish catered to. Even with tight timelines, Kathy will keep you on the ball and will do exactly what is needed for it all to run smoothly. We have now chosen our Orders of Service, Table Plan, Table Names and place cards too!!"

Louise Tate, April 2016


 "We heard about Cherish Stationery and Kathy via word of mouth and have found choosing our stationery to be very easy, relaxing and an enjoyable experience. Now that we have received our Invitations they are simply beautiful as there is no bling or glitter and they are exactly what we were looking for. The build up to receiving our invitations and seeing the finished product has definitely been the most enjoyable part as we have had a great experience. Kathy is a lovely, genuine lady, nothing seems to be a bother and you can tell that she loves her job. For other people thinking about booking Cherish, we have found it to be very professional, great quality and you are made to feel at ease. We have now gone on to book our on the day stationery too with Orders of Service, place cards and a Table Plan."

Lynn Kellie & Derek Irvine, March 2016

Milton of Campsie, Glasgow

"Cherish was recommended to us by a friend and we also met Kathy at a Wedding Fair. We initially chose Day and Evening Invitations, RSVPS and Menu Selectors which were specially designed for us as we wanted travel documents. Receiving our Invitations and seeing the finished product has been the best bit so far – it felt like Christmas opening the boxes!! Everything has been enjoyable about choosing our stationery as we had lots of ideas flying around and Kathy listened to them all. It has been a FAB experience as Kathy is a lovely person and listened to ALL of our ideas and gave us what we really wanted. We have now gone on to order a Table Plan, Table Names and favour tags which will all match up with the theme of our wedding."

Nicole Lacey and Gordon Carroll, February 2016


"We were initially worried about choosing our stationery but once we knew what we were getting, it all became exciting. Looking at all of the different styles and colours that we could get, made it really enjoyable but as it was all so pretty it was very hard to decide. We are now able to relax knowing that our invitations are all sorted and we are excited about now getting our invitations out to our guests. Working with Kathy has been truly amazing – she made us feel relaxed, answered all of our questions and had lots of patience when we were choosing what design to have. The service from Cherish and Kathy has been one in a million, truly professional and friendly as Kathy puts you at your ease about getting this part of your wedding plans sorted and she ensures there is no added stress. Kathy really is amazing and our invitations are really beautiful – thank you again."

Laura Kerr and Scot Bryson, January 2016