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Feedback 2021

Dear Kathy, thanks for all your work on our Wedding Invitations; we really appreciate it as the invitations are looking great. We can’t wait to send them out.

Liam Kearney & Ed Anderson, March 2021


PS Since the invitations were sent, everyone has been commenting on how lovely they are so thanks again for doing them.

Hi there Kathy - they have arrived!!! (Invitations and table names) ahhh! We love them so much! Thank you again! 

We've got a fancy pen and are going to sit down tomorrow to write out all the addresses and get them posted out. Especially can't wait for everyone else to see them. Keeping the table names a secret for now! 

I appreciate everything you've done for us. There's still a part of me that thinks we still need to meet for a coffee, definitely missed out with this lockdown! 

Cally Macpherson, February 2021